Hong Kong Dollars adds Fiat Gateway to Crypto Exchange Binance

One of the world’s most important cryptocurrency exchanges, Binance, now allows deposits in Hong Kong dollars.

As of the February 21 announcement, Binance now offers both deposits and withdrawals in Hong Kong dollars without deposit fees. After depositing Hong Kong dollars, users are free to spend them on cryptocurrencies.

Deposits are enabled through a partnership between Binos and payment processor Ape. Users can deposit with a SWIFT code, wire transfer, SEPA, Faspe, PM and other e-currency deposit and withdrawal services.

Binance is apparently trying to bring more liquidity to the cryptocurrency market. As reported earlier this month by Cointegraph, the exchange recently added 15 additional fiat currency options to its Visa and MasterCard purchases on its platform. Shortly before this announcement, the firm also added Russian rubles for its peer-to-peer trading platform.

All these efforts indicate that Binance is trying to attract people to join the cryptocurrency market during this new bull market. Nevertheless, the increase in user base is not without its consequences.

Undetermined maintenance
Amid the recent increase in user volume, the platform has recently reported technical difficulties. A report published earlier this month showed that performance issues Binance users had to deal with were caused by an unexpected surge in traffic.

“The $ 10,000 difference between BTC at this time and past time is now very high. While this is a solid sign of strong recovery for the crypto market, it also puts significant weightage to our system. “

Recently, Changpeng Zhao, the founder and CEO of Binance, expressed the view that the price of bitcoin is not yet compatible with the upcoming block reward holdings and will increase even more. If that is correct, the platform should expect traffic to proceed.

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Tyler Winklevos’ $ 3 million lev bitcoin pizza moment ‘with space travel’

Billionaire Bitcoin (BTC) investor and co-founder of the cryptocurrency exchange Tyler Winklevos bought the world’s most expensive ticket into space.

According to a report from cryptocurrency platform Luno on February 24, the purchase was returned in January 2014. At the time, Winklevos acquired Virgin Galactic’s passenger carrying ticket for 312.5 BTC for the spacecraft, which at the time cost $ 250,000. Virgin Galactic is a space tourism company within the British venture capital group Virgin Group.

“Bitcoin Pizza Moment”
Thus, Winklevoss’s initial investment of 312.5 BTC in the ticket is currently over $ 3 million, an increase of 1,174%. Winklevos described it as their “bitcoin pizza moment”, apparently referring to the first-ever transaction of bitcoin for physical goods, which occurred on May 22, 2010.

Subsequently, the famous bitcoin pizza saw programmer Lezlo H हnánez bought two pizzas for 10,000 BTC ($ 97 million in press time). Hanyecz offered users on the BitcoinTalk forum in exchange for two bitcoins. A teenager named Jeremy Sterdivant, nicknamed Jorkos, accepted bitcoin and sent two pizzas to Honeys on behalf of Papa John.

Best year of bitcoin?
The price of bitcoin is higher in 2020 than any other year in existence – and historical data suggests that its price will continue for the next 19 months. BTC / USD averages $ 9,120 for 2020, as calculated by fund partner James Todaro. It is also higher than in 2017 when the pair reached their current high of $ 20,000. For that year, the volume-weighted average was $ 6,125.

“This strongly suggests that in previous years most of the money transferred to bitcoin would have been deposited in USD if they held bitcoin up to the current date,” Todaro said.

When it comes to predictions, some of the leading industry leaders are getting up at once on what the price of BTC should be for Bitcoin after the imminent closure of bitcoin for May 2020. According to Mike Novogratz, founder of digital asset trader Bank Digital, the semifinal cryptocurrency will likely be a $ 20,000 benchmark in 2020.

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao said that bitcoin can see new heights, resume the phenomenon. Those who envision the rapid scenario say that the price of bitcoin will continue after rising due to a decrease in the supply of coins.

Meanwhile, bitcoin is trading around $ 9,800 at press time, reporting a slight loss of about 0.54% compared to the previous day.

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Fan token platform Socio announces prepaid fiat-crypto card

Fan Token Platform Socio Announces Prepaid Fiat-Crypto CardNEWS
Collaboration between fiat currency card issuers and the blockchain industry appears to be moving forward.

On February 24, sports fan token Project Socio announced the launch of a unified subscription and Fiat-crypto prepaid debit card, which provides blockchain-based global ID functionality.

Prior to the launch of the product, Socio says it continues to review several crypto and non-crypto partners before determining who the card issuer will be. Speaking to Cointelegraph, Alexander Dreyfus, CEO of Socios, said the firm had previously approached and was busy with partner companies of Visa and MasterCard.

Live debit card plans for summer
As stated earlier, Socio runs a crypto fan token ecosystem, which includes a token voting platform and a blockchain-based mobile app. The venture is run by sports blockchain firm Chillies, which counts the support of high-profile crypto industry players such as Binance and OK Blockchain Capital.

The token ($ CHZ) is used for fan engagement by citing voting rights in elections, as well as giving holders access to merchandise, prizes and games.

As it develops the platform, Soshio has now integrated a blockchain-based global ID number for the Soshos mobile app, which serves as a Know Your Customer (KYC) identification tool. Dreyfus said:

“One of the most important events for us will be ID on the blockchain, this can be important in the following years with sporting events that need to be checked for your ID.”

Once launched, the prepaid card will have this blockchain ID and link directly to users’ wallets, allowing them to spend $ CHZ, but other currencies. Which currencies will, in fact, be crypto or otherwise, have not yet been announced.

The prepaid card will also serve as a membership card, so that it can be used for regular payments and to cash in on blockchain token rewards or to receive various offers and discounts.

Soshos says it plans to fully follow the prepaid version with a Jio Debit card earlier this year, with rollouts first in the European market, then Latin America, Turkey and Asia.

Base widening
With major US crypto exchange Coinbase recently announcing their key membership of Visa, the field of crypto debit cards continues to diversify, making the interface more flexible and familiar, with access to “legacy” interfaces to cryptocurrency holdings .

Coinbase, Socio and other crypto debit cards – along with the proliferation of tokens in large industries such as football – suggest that the one-time field of blockchain is moving forward with efforts to popularize it.

Spanish football powerhouse FC Barcelona recently joined the likes of Ashtico de Madrid and London-based football team West Ham United to create a token for their franchise to create a token.

Dreyfus told Coinlegraph in a recent interview that the 3.5 billion football fan base globally was a powerful draw for the firm to launch its fan-focused token drive.

Earlier this month, Chillies announced a partnership with leading marketing agency Laggarder Sports & Entertainment as part of a bid to expand its blockchain fan engagement ecosystem in the United States.

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Celsius doubled its total paid crypto loan interest since November

Celsius doubles its total paid crypto loan interest from November to November
The Celsius Network report has more than doubled its interest payments in the three months since its last disclosure. This is another sign of the continued growth of the crypto lending industry, as decentralized finance (DIFI) operations attract more funds.

As of the February 20 report, Celsius paid Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH) and other cryptocurrencies worth $ 11 million as total interest income. This is a 120% increase from the $ 5 million figure reported on November 12, 2019.

The company is managing $ 730 million in customer deposits and loan collateral, a 62% increase from the previous report’s $ 450 million figure.

The total value of outstanding loans has also increased by 46% since November, totaling $ 6.2 billion. This figure is counted in the current BTC prices and is affected by its price increase.

From November, the user count has also increased from 50,000 to 75,000.

Crypto loan growth
As a wholeThe crypto lending industry is growing in India. It is divided into crypto lending companies, such as Celsius and Blockfi, and decentralized finance based on Ethereum.

Although both mostly provide similar services, DeFi uses smart contracts and blockchain oracles to power its lending activity.

The amount of money locked up in Defy has recently exceeded $ 1 billion. Most of them are closed as collateral with MakerDAO (MKR) as part of a mechanism to create a decentralized US dollar fixed currency (DAI).

Celsius competitors such as Blockfy have also posted strong growth, which shows that the lending industry is rapidly increasing its value.

The development does not come without its pain, as the Defy protocol bZx was recently hacked twice in a span of two days.

Celsius growth
Celsius Network is continuously expanding its feature set. It recently added an integration with Simplex to provide instant Fiat on-ramps for its users. In January, it began paying compound interest on users’ loans.

Celsius CEO Alex Mashinski often shares his thoughts on the industry. In December he criticized the centralization of social media, pointing to blockchain as a possible solution.

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Suffering from poor performance of EOS network, says Coinbase

The leading US cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase said the EOS network has some problems.

On February 20, Coinbase released a status update saying, “The EOS network has degraded performance. There may be a delay in sending and receiving. “

The exchange posted a tweet two days later, stating that the EOS network was still suffering from poor performance and that external EOS sent has been temporarily disabled, but the buying and selling of EOS within the cryptocurrency exchange functioned normally. Was getting it done.

However, EOS Nation, the manufacturer of the EOS block, responded on February 22 that, although there were issues of micro-forks on February 20, the EOS mainnet was “currently very reliable.”

The tweet included a chart showing a mild blip on February 20, where 192 blocks were missed due to a micro-talker problem, but indicated stable mainnet performance over the past two weeks.

Past performance issues
EOS networks have had performance issues in the past, and the chart posted by EOS Nation only highlights that. In the last week of January, it touched an average of 20,000 blocks per day.

As Coinclgraph reported in October 2019, research claimed that EOS could be killed by mob attacks that could freeze the network. The exploit appears to allow an attacker to steal more than $ 110,000 worth of crypto from an EOS gambling application. Block.one, the parent firm of EOS, claimed that the network was running normally.

The network had several freezing problems just after launch, and has recently struggled with the network congestion problem caused by the EIDOS token airdrop.

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Bitcoin price falls 3% as $ 10K fails to fill fresh futures gap

Bitcoin price falls 3% for Holdmarkket update as $ 10K to fill drop futures gap
On November 24, bitcoin (BTC) once again fell below $ 10,000. The fall in CME futures trading was followed by a decline at the start of the new week.

Cryptocurrency Market Daily Overview.

BTC gave $ 10K again …
Data from Coin360 and Cointelegraph Markets quickly lost 3% to BTC / USD at the start of Monday’s trading. On Sunday, the pair succeeded in reclaiming the $ 10,000 landmark.

Subsequently, local lows of $ 9,690 gave way to support above $ 9,700, with bitcoin sitting around $ 9,720 as of press time.

Bitcoin 7-Day Price Chart.

Traders focus largely on futures, with bitcoin price moves with increased accuracy than before. Last week’s session closed around $ 9,740, $ 250 less than this week’s open.

Before the week, the weekend saw a huge difference – between $ 500, $ 10,495 and $ 9,990. Only partially vacant works were partially filled by the market before a sudden drop to $ 9,700.

On February 20, meanwhile, CME revealed that the open interest rate in its futures products amounted to a higher-than-expected 32,560 BTC ($ 316.3 million) of 6,512 contracts.

The company had reported on social media at the time, that on February 11, 59

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